Chemical & Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate at University of Calgary. I enjoy building responsive high speed websites.
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Hello! I'm Sanchit Chopra.

I'm currently entering my third year of chemical and biomedical engineering with a minor in entrepreneurship and enterprise development at the University of Calgary.

Strong interest in biomedical research and disruption in biotech industry through innovative solutions to optimize existing processes. I’m specifically inclined towards using chemical engineering principles to scale-up and increase efficiencies of current practices in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

I'm an independant website designer and have built fast high conversion websites for multiple clients. View my portfilio below and drop me a line!

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If you're seeking new and better online solutions to your needs, check out my services. Building websites and digital assets that drive results.

Graphic Design

Logos, posters, custom banners and all that fun stuff.

Live Chat

Integration of live chat features on your website to help your customers connect with you fast and easy.

Fast Cloud Servers

Your website will be built with accelerated page technology hosted on Google Cloud Servers.

Website Speed Comparisons

Get stats on how your website is ranked and compares to others for free!

Responsive Design

Your site will be built fully responsive on mobile and desktop with high class cutting-edge designs.

Easy to customize

Best yet, you have free control over how your website looks and can edit it yourself!.

I Am Available For Freelance Work.

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18 September 2016 By Sanchit

"It’s 2016 - we need to diversify provinces beyond their existing economic dependencies."


1 September 2016 By Sanchit

Rapid industrialization in the past century has led to the troubling by-product of global...



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