Sanchit Chopra

Undergraduate @ University of Calgary

Currently pursuing a BSc. degree in Chemical Engineering with a Specialization in Biomedical Engineering and a Minor in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development.

I am passionate about engineering in medicine and impacting patient care by developing innovations to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. Take a look at my research experiences, projects, and awards!

Using a hypothesis-driven approach to provide innovative solutions through complex problems through research, reasoning, and analysis. Experience in:

- data analysis/visualization/interpretation (PowerBi [DAX], Excel, VBA, Python, MATLAB)

- Predictive analytics (MATLAB [LSTM Deep Learning], Python[numpy, pandas, scikit-learn])

- bioprocess development (bioreactors, multivariable DOE)

- material & energy balance

- molecular/synthetic biology (CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing)

- scaling small businesses

- marketing research/analysis (SEO, affiliate marketing)

- e-commerce business development (Amazon FBA/FBM, affiliate stores, managing inventory/web dev)

In addition to my growing interest and expertise in biomedical engineering and health science technology-related research, I am passionate about understanding customer problems in the e-commerce/small business world and solving them with modern technology.


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I'm available for freelance work.


+1 403 918 5633